Ring Around the Rosies

This 12 piece Sculpture carved from blocks of Fancy Beach Portland Limestone is arranged as a Golden Spiral fitting into a Golden Rectangle 15 m x 9.27 m. The Sun focus of the spiral is made up of 3 pieces and has a unifying surface that is curved to follow a spherical form.  The total weight of all the stones is approximately 2 tons and initial inspiration for the look of each piece came from a particular ‘mile marker’ that I caught sight of by the side of a road in Dorset.

Part of the Spiral from the Sun out to Saturn

The stones stand for the traditional bodies of the Solar System and Zodiac Each stone depicts a different part of the human body both male, female, young and old in various states of falling under the force of gravity and with reference to the childrens nursery rhyme “Ring around the rosies, - a pocket full of posies, - atishoo - atishoo - we all fall down”            

© John Jebb 2013